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Hitachi in Hong Kong

Hitachi offers new ideas for unique and fulfilling lives by providing a variety of lifestyle-related devices and other products and services in finance, travel and more.


Hitachi helps our customers create better and ample housing by themselves. Considering the usability, Hitachi has a wide range of products from globally well-known power tools to garden supplies such as mowers and sprinklers, to help our customers' creative life.

Financial Services

In order to produce our customers' rich life, Hitachi provides services and financial services which support our customers' life event. For example, domestic and overseas travel arrangements, loan, insurance products, etc are provided in order to help our customers' life all the way.


Link to Jig Saws (CJ110MV)

Jig Saws (CJ110MV)
Tool-less blade changing system. LED lighting system. New orbital locus and balance design for low vibration & smooth cutting. Powerful Dust Blowing for clear view over cut line.

Link to Cutter (CM4SB2)

Cutter (CM4SB2)
Tool-less depth adjustment. Highly vibration-resistant and dust-resistant armature with metal bush for durability. Rubber covered dust-resistant switch.

Link to Rotary Hammer (DH24PB3)

Rotary Hammer (DH24PB3)
Class-top drilling speed by the efficient transmission of the hammering energy. Less body jumping and drill holes more comfortably and friskily with a light pushing force. Non-slip double-layer molded handle & gear cover.

Link to 角磨機

Disc Grinder (G10SF3)
Easy-to-use snap switch. Excellent wear resistance by the smaller air vent to minimize sucking dust.

Link to 電動錘

Demolition Hammer (PH65A)
Heavy blow chipping mechanism, special tools for remove & build the ground. 360° adjustable side handle.

Financial Services

Equipment Finance

Link to Copier Finance

Copier Finance
We offer lease service in digital copiers, digital color laser copiers, digital printers with the leasing period maximum up to 5 years. It is a tie-up business with vendors to their customers.

Link to Equipment Finance

Equipment Finance
We provide tailor-made equipment finance lease package to various business partners ranging from multi-national companies to local SME with up to 100% finance amount.

Loan Services

Link to Vehicle Finance

Vehicle Finance
We provide vehicle hire purchase or leasing for both individual and corporate customers to purchase all types of passenger or commercial vehicle.

Link to Loan Services

Loan Services
We provide different loan services for customers from mortgage loan, SME loan to personal loan.

Insurance Services

Link to Property All Risks Insurance

Property All Risks Insurance
Property insurance cover where every accidental cause of loss or damage is insured, unless specifically excluded by the policy.

Link to Consequential Loss Insurance

Consequential Loss Insurance
1. Exclusion : a common policy exclusion with property insurances, which cover the primary physical damage, but not consequent expence.
2. Cover : a pecuniary insurance, covering loss of income and additional expences consequent upon a fire or other insured peril.

Link to Cargo Insurance

Cargo Insurance
Property insurance, perhaps on "all risks" or specified perils basis, for goods carried on a vessel.

Link to Employees' Compensation Insurance

Employees' Compensation Insurance
Compulsory insurance for employers made liable for death, injury or disease to their employees arising out of and in the course of their employment.

Link to Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance
A pecuniary insurance, also known as Surety, covering loss from dishonesty on the port of insured staff members.

Link to Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance
Insurance related to the cost of medical expences and medical treatment arising from accident or sickness.

Link to Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance
The insurance of motor vechicles and third party or other associated risks. Primarily comprises private vechicles, motor cycles and commercial vehicles.

Link to Money Insurance

Money Insurance
This cover is on an"all risks" bais covering various types of "money " in various situation/locations.

Link to Theft Insurance

Theft Insurance
This insures loss/damage caused by actual or attempted theft. With theft claims, however, commercial and household insurances require evidence of forcible and violent entry to or exit from a building.

Link to Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance
A package insurance, offering a wide range of covers, including personal accident, loss/damage to luggage and a range of miscellaneous headings such as loss of deposits, money, medical expenses, etc.

Link to Products Liability Insurance

Products Liability Insurance
A form of public liability insurance, but related to claims arising from defects in products manufactured or supplied by the insured, Such liability is executed under the standard public liability policy.

Link to Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance
Liability cover for death, injury, disease or property damage to third parties other than employees.