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Hitachi in Hong Kong

Information Technology

In order to produce our customers' rich life, Hitachi provides a lot of IT services and financial services which support our customers' life and business events.

Solution / Services


Hitachi enables the energy conservation and resource saving by taking advantage of IT / electronics advanced technologies, and provides highly efficient industrial systems, which comply with sustainable cycloid society. Hitachi also contributes to create rich and comfortable living space.


Hitachi helps develop public infrastructures to promote safety and comfort in everyday life. We provide command systems for police and fire stations, transportation system development for roads and trains, and total solutions for the environment.

Elevator Engineering


High Functional Materials & Components

The elements that make up Hitachi's Social Innovation Business include systems for a variety of fields that combine infrastructure technology and IT, the key devices such as motors and inverters that support the advanced features and competitiveness of these systems, and their high functional materials and components. An enabling technology, high functional materials are essential to bringing forth new innovations.

Chemical Materials

Financial Services

Hitachi is contributing to building a better society through the cultivation of financial services that meet the needs of customers and society. Based on this philosophy, Hitachi supplies leases, insurance, and other financial services with high added value that combine a variety of functions.

Consumer Financial Services

Commercial Financial Services

Home Appliances

Hitachi will keep supporting the evolving life style, and provide high quality and operationally. Also, Hitachi puts a high value on producing environmental friendly products. This supports our customers' quality life as well as pursues the cycloid type of society.


Home Life