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Hitachi in Hong Kong

Hitachi is working to improve its profitability by actively developing corporate affiliations, consolidations, mergers and acquisitions, and spin-offs to accelerate the restructuring of its group business portfolio.
In addition, we are integrating the cutting-edge dominant technologies and expertise in the Hitachi Group, including IT, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, to strategically develop and enhance our new businesses that will serve as the nucleus of our next-generation initiatives.

Message from Top Management

Read Hitachi corporate message from Representative Executive Officer,President & CEO and Director Keiji Kojima.

Corporate Data

picture: Corporate Data

Here is the basic corporate data of Hitachi.

Board of Directors

Below is a list of the board of directors.

Executive Officers

Below is a list of the executive officers.

Corporate Structure

Below is an organizational chart of Hitachi, Ltd.


Here is a history of Hitachi and its technology.